dizzy looking glass



The bees swarm ‘round the one who do not belong. 
We are all that person. 

I am not sure we know it, but we don’t belong. 

None of us belong. 
But the bees, yes! the bees, oh my

I call them, 
“come! congregate within my mouth 
upon the many pews perched on top my jaw bone. 
Sting my throat. May it swell up closed “till I cannot 
speak. Make me quiet if only for a little while.”

There are honey combs in the kitchen. Yes. 

This is where it all happens. The birth and re-birth again 
again again let me be still. 

Anonymous asked: What happened with you and Ella?

I would consider answering this question if it were not asked anonymously. But, if you are going to mask yourself, don’t bother at all.