dizzy looking glass


antonyofva answered to your post “help needed!”

Actually, I’d define it the same but switch spirit and soul. The soul is what is split from the body while the spirit is the movements-will

my answer as to why I describe it the way I do is more lengthy than what I have the energy to type right now. I’ll try to remember to post about it tomorrow. 


noontimesunshineriptide answered to your post “help needed!”

I think it would be a big ball of light, of sorts. A shape just vague enough for the unexplainable parts of us.

This is very similar to what I envision, though I want to incorporate more objects than only a ball of bright light or one of dim glow. 


writeontheirhearts answered to your post “help needed!”

instead of 3 parts, why can’t it be just two, body and spirit? doesn’t our mind, will, and emotions go with us at death?

I am not opposed to this thinking, in fact, I like it quite a lot. It is simpler. My question here, (which criticizes my initial description,) is if our spirit is what moves on to some afterlife, how would we have any recollection of a previous life if our mind, will, and emotions are not part of what goes beyond this life?  


gagelina answered to your post “help needed!”

I think of the soul as wind, which is hard to depict unless you depict it affecting something.

Are all our souls like wind? Do we sway together moving like the tide? 

help needed!

i am going to attempt a sculpture (or series of sculptures) out of random objects and materials this summer, but i need some help. 

earlier i asked a friend what i should build. after tossing around a few different ideas, he suggested i craft a physical representation of the soul. wildly intrigued, i began to explore this idea. “what does that look like?” is what i asked myself over and over. 

depending on what your definition of a soul is, this could differ quite a lot from person to person, mine is the following: a soul is most certainly not the same as our spirit, (which is the part that detaches from the body upon death,) but rather, the soul is our mind, will, and emotions. 

according to this definition, a soul could look change depending on a person’s experiences and the outlook they have because of such happenings. it would also change by what the person takes in and grows inside of them, ie. hate, greed, jealousy, or joy, love, and happiness. 

that about does it for a basic description. i want to hear other’s thoughts on the matter, so tell me, what would a soul look like in physical form?

Mostar, Bosnia, September 1992. A Bosnian soldier plays the piano in the destroyed music school.Photo by Teun Voeten.

Mostar, Bosnia, September 1992. 

A Bosnian soldier plays the piano in the destroyed music school.

Photo by Teun Voeten.


dishes done forward in the morning before drive
shifting weight, lifting burdens off of a certain spine 

a week behind from us here, on a far horizon 
but still forefront, i told my mother i was proud of her 

the return of chuckled non-convincing gratitude met me with
given step track sad trudge and i left slowly and slower than even that

circles, keys, and a green paperclip. today is change me
and may these windows be wide open, continuously letting in spring 

i am a dancer. tell me over 12,000 times i cannot dance, i will laugh 
then hop about and move with the kind of spontaneity you only ever wish for 

tell me i am not these things. not on purpose,
but encompassing                      it is all i hear. 
how do i say that thing and those other things? 

what will be the flashing memo to take down the pinned up 
words on the walls of my brain? i need it done 

“you say Judas is a brother of mine?
but sister in our darkness a light shines
and all I ever want to say for the rest of my life
is how that light is God,
and though I’ve been mistaken on this or that point,
that light is, nevertheless, God.”

– mewithoutYou, O, Porcupine (via firstdefeat)